Headband Adjustable Magnifying Head Eye Glasses

    Headband Adjustable Magnifying Head Eye Glasses Loupe Lens 8X 15X 23X

    • 2X LED Watch Jeweler Repair Magnifier :The 2X LED Watch Jeweler Repair Magnifier is perfect for repairing watches and other small objects.

    • Head-Mounted Headband :The head-mounted headband ensures that the magnifier stays in place while you work, preventing any annoying movement.

    • Adjustable Magnifying Head :The adjustable magnifying head allows you to adjust the magnification level to suit your needs, making it versatile and useful for a variety of tasks.

    • 8X, 15X, and 23X Magnification :With 8X, 15X, and 23X magnification, this magnifier is perfect for viewing small details and repairing intricate parts.


    2xled 8x 15x 23x adjustable lens jewelry watch repair magnifier grass eye Loupe


    Dual polished and crystal acrylic lens with 3 magnification options, no distortion but high clarity.

    High brightness LED lights with adjustable dimmable switch, flexible to adjust the desired illumination brightness for better viewing effect.

    Suitable for examining and reading fine prints in newspapers, documents, maps, coins, stamps, electronic parts, jewellery, photos, and pill bottles, or repair work for clock, watch, cellphone & etc.

    Ideal gift for seniors, hobbyists and professionals, thoughtfully provide helpful visual impairment aid.


    Material: ABS+ Acrylic Lens

    Color: White

    Lens Magnification: 8x, 15x, 23x ( Use 2 Lens in One Time )

    Lens Focal Distance: 62mm, 33mm, 21mm

    Battery: 6* LR1130 (Batteries Included )

    Illumination Source: 2 * LED Light

    Unfold Size: 175* 155* 55mm

    Fold Size: 85* 155* 55mm


    Package Included:

    1* Magnifier Glass

    1* User Manual