TF MicroSD to XD Olympus

    Yellow TF to XD for OLYMPUS XD Adapter Converter Card Sleeve (MASD-1) 1 PC

    Yellow TF to for OLYMPUS XD Adapter Converter Card Sleeve (MASD-1) 1 PC 

    Support micro sd CARD .
    Used only with the cameras for MASD-1, or this may cause a memory card or camera damage.
    MASD-1 adapter can not open the panorama function,To use the Panorama feature, use an for OLYMPUS xD-Picture card.
    MASD-1 adapter also can not read by the general card reader, need to use the camera DATA USB Line to read the photo, or remove the TF card into the adapter and read it by general card reader.

    Suitable for OLYMPUS camera as below: 1) U1040, u9000, u7000, u6000, u5000, u1070, FE5010, FE45, FE3010, FE3000, SP590, SP565, u1060, u1050, u1040, u1030, u1020, u1010, u850, u840, FE370, FE360, FE20 Fe350, Fe360, A360 2) μ 1030SW / Stylus 1030SW 1020 μ / Stylus 1020 μ 1010 / Stylus 1010 μ 850SW / Stylus 850SW μ 840 / Stylus 840 / u1040/u1060 (advice update the firmware of the above cameras to the latest version )